A prescription is used to allow the user/patient to start to measure for a certain period.

Activating a prescription

The sdk.activatePrescription method will link the prescription to the user and activate it. This method takes the prescription'shash as a parameter.
Keep in mind that this function can throw 2 errors:
  • NotPaidError: This error is thrown when a paying prescription has not yet been paid
  • AlreadyActivatedError : This error is thrown when this prescription has already been used
React Native
import 'package:flutter_fibricheck_sdk/flutter_fibricheck_sdk.dart';
await _sdk.activatePrescription(hash);
import client from '@fibricheck/javascript-sdk';
const sdk = client({
consumerKey: '',
consumerSecret: '',
await sdk.authenticate({
token: '',
tokenSecret: '',
await sdk.activatePrescription('1234567890');