React Native

v 2.0.0

Breaking Changes

  • MeasurementCreationData.fromCameraSdk is now taking a Map<String, dynamic> instead of a String. It's to follow the update from the flutter-camera-sdk.


  • Method to get the GeneralConfiguration & UserConfiguration.
  • Method to update the UserConfiguration.
  • Method getMostSevereLabel() on the measurement.


  • Updated the method updateProfile(ProfileData updateData, string userId) to not require the userId anymore.

v 4.1.0


New symptoms are added and can now be included as an array. New symptoms include:
  • racing_heart
  • dizziness
  • feeling_of_fainting
The Symptoms, Activity and the SymptomSeverity are also exported as types now.


The onConsentNeeded argument of the authenticate function has become optional.

v 4.0.0

Breaking changes

  • sdk.updateProfile signature changed from updateProfile: (userId: string, profileData: ProfileData) to updateProfile: (profileData: ProfileData). This way, you don't need to provide the userId


  • The ProfileData interface has been expanded
  • The user's time zone is now applied to the periodic reports
  • Outdated reports are now rerendered

v 3.0.0

Breaking changes

  • postMeasurementnow throws a NoActivePrescriptionError when no active prescription is active when trying to post a measurement


  • Symptom severity score can now be added to a measurement context
  • sdk.canPerformMeasurement: check if you have an active prescription
  • sdk.updateMeasurementContext: update the measurement context after a measurement has already been posted
  • sdk.updateProfile: update profile information


  • Errors thrown by sdk.activePrescription are now more clear -> NoActivePrescriptionError & AlreadyActivatedError

v 2.0.0

Breaking changes

  • renamed getReportUrl to getMeasurementReportUrl
- sdk.getReportUrl
+ sdk.getMeasurementReportUrl


  • sdk.getPeriodicReports: gets a list of periodic reports
  • sdk.getPeriodicReportPdf: get the pdf of a periodic report
  • sdk.activatePrescription: activate a prescription hash, so the user can perform a measurement


  • sdk.postMeasurement now takes an optional cameraSdkVersion parameter
- sdk.postMeasurement(measurement)
+ sdk.postMeasurement(measurement, '1.0.0')