🔗App-to-app integration

Next to integrating the FibriCheck technology into your application, it's also possible to implement an app-to-app integration. In this scenario, your users will use the FibriCheck application to perform measurements.

An app-to-app integration has two components:

  • The ability to redirect the user from your application to the FibriCheck mobile application

  • The ability to access and visualize the measurement results in your application

Redirect the user to the FibriCheck mobile application

To redirect the user from your application to FibriCheck, we provide deep links. Deep links can be used in another app, on the web, in an email, or sms. When users click on the link or button, they are redirected to the FibriCheck app. Using this method, integrating FibriCheck in your application only requires adding a button in your app that contains the deep link.

If the user has not installed the FibriCheck app yet, the link will be a deferred deep link. The user is then first redirected to the App or Play Store to download the app. After the app is installed, the user will be redirected to the deep link as if the app was already installed.

Different deep links are available that allow you to redirect the user to different parts of the FibriCheck application. The following functionalities are currently supported:

Note that all query parameters for the deep links must be URL encoded.

Prefilled user registration

Deeplink URL:


This deeplink allows you to pre-fill information in the FibriCheck app to register a new user

The following query parameters map directly onto the registration parameters:

  • fc_reg_first_name

  • fc_reg_last_name

  • fc_reg_email

  • fc_reg_language

  • fc_reg_country

  • fc_gender

If some query parameter values are not provided, the user will be able to provide them in the registration form within the FibriCheck application.

Additionally, custom properties can be provided that will be stored in the custom_fields property of the user's profile using the dynamic query parameter fc_data_{fieldName}.

For example if you provide the query parameter fc_data_ssn_number, the associated value will be stored as ssn_sumber in the custom_fields property of the user's profile.

The query parameters from the "activate a prescription" deeplink (fc_hash) can be added here as well. Then the user will be able to directly perform measurements after registering.

Show an overview of measurements to the user

Deeplink URL: https://fibricheck.app.link/?screen=measurements_overview

Show a specific measurement result to the user

Deeplink URL: https://fibricheck.app.link/?screen=measurement&measurementId=xxx

Start a measurement with instructions on how to measure

Deeplink URL: https://fibricheck.app.link/?screen=measurement_instructions

Start a measurement

Deeplink URL: https://fibricheck.app.link/?screen=start_measurement

Activate a prescription

Deeplink URL: https://fibricheck.app.link/?fc_hash={{hash}}

The provided prescription hash will be activated upon app launch, so the user can immediately start measuring.

The user has to click on the deep link to be redirected to the FibriCheck app.

The deep link functionality does not work when the link is copied in the address bar of a web browser.


If you're testing your integration, you'll be using the development environment, which has a different base URL.

Access measurement data in your application

When a user performs a measurement in the FibriCheck application, the measurements, analysis, and diagnosis are performed and stored in the FibriCheck cloud.

There are two ways to get the measurement data into your application.

Submit your application as a connected app in FibriCheck

Connected apps are applications that FibriCheck integrates with. For connected apps, FibriCheck will push the measurements and reports into the connected app.

To support this, your application needs to provide an API that FibriCheck can access using an OAuth2.0 authorization flow.

The user will have to take the following steps to connect your application:

  1. The user logs in to the FibriCheck application

  2. In the "Connected apps" screen, the user selects your application

  3. The user is redirected to your application's login screen

  4. After successful authentication, the user is redirected to FibriCheck

  5. FibriCheck receives access tokens that are used to push the measurement data into your application

Because the user signs in, there is a hard link between the user's account in your application and the user's FibriCheck account, thereby making sure that measurements are linked to the correct account.

This method requires help from the FibriCheck technical team to implement. Reach out to integrations@fibricheck.com to discuss your specific use case.

Access the measurements using the REST API

The FibriCheck cloud offers a REST API and associated Cloud SDK to fetch measurements. You can use this API to fetch the measurements into your system.

See this link for more information.

When using this method, you have to be very careful that you match the measurements with the correct user.

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