FibriCheck Developer Documentation

Welcome to the FibriCheck Developer space. This website contains the information you need to start integrating FibriCheck into your application. We offer the following integrations options:
  • SDK integration: You have developed your own mobile or wearable solution and would like to add advanced cardiac arrhythmia analysis to your current/future product via our regulatory-compliant SDK.
  • API integration: Your hospital or tele-monitoring service would like to integrate FibriCheck data into your own ecosystem to improve remote monitoring and enhance your patient care.
  • App-to-App integration: You can redirect your users to the FibriCheck application from within your app and access their measurements through our cloud.
If you are unsure which type of integration is best suited for your use case, contact us at [email protected].

SDK integrations

FibriCheck offers different Software Development Kits (SDKs) for Android and iOS to facilitate integrating arrhythmia analysis into your application.
Platform / Language
Camera SDK
Cloud SDK
Javascript / Typescript
React Native
Native iOS
Native Android
The Cloud SDK and a Camera SDK work together to control the data acquisition and communication with the FibriCheck cloud service.
The camera SDK is a thin layer on top of a native iOS and Android package. The native part is necessary to make sure all processing power is used to capture the input signals with the highest accuracy possible.
This type of integration is preferred if you aim to integrate the FibriCheck measurement and arrhythmia detection capabilities into your cross-platform application.

API integrations

The FibriCheck API is organized around REST. You can use our API to create your enabled integration capabilities to your medical records. You can choose to integrate directly with our API or via our SDK's. Do you have special integration requests? Connect with our support team to discuss your requirements!
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